Inconsiderate people

Posted on December 20, 2014


Well, what can I say, tonight  was a classic example of inconsiderate people with no care, compassion, or respect about other peoples feelings and way of life or well being.

Tonight was the Tatler Malaysia 20th anniversary held at he Shangrila Kuala Lumpur, It is meant to be an event to show how far Malaysia and Malaysians have come, to show how far the country has come in comparison to the west.

Me, being a guest to the party, and may I add a non smoker, sat down to a pre ordered vegetarian meal, a flow of wine and champagne plus an adequate amount of entatainment, I was set for a pleaseant evening amongst the regarded society of Kuala lumpur.

The MC announced that the designated area for smokers  was in the next hall adjacent to the dining area, most people conformed to this, but unfortuanatly some didn’t.

I was saddened to see  Farah Khan  smoking a cigar, her partner a cigarette, in the space designated for the non smokers.

I politely asked the staff if they could mention to her that this was a non smoking event, this they clearly ignored, purley because If a member of staff even approached her about my complaint, they would probably be fired.

Farah is a rare sucsess story from cancer, and being such a public figure in Malaysia, I think openly smoking cigars and forcefully applying the smoke to the non smokers is  totally inexcusable.

What more, because Farah openly smoked, this gave reason for alot of the Malaysians to Smoke in a non smoking area. Monkey see, monkey do!

One man for example is Mr Indot, (dont know his full name) whom I asked politely to distiguish his cigar, If he had any consideration or manners he would have either have walked out to the designated smoking area or distinguished his cigar, but instead  he told me to go out side if I didnt like it..

For christ sake, even most smokers cant abide the smell of cigars, imagine the non smokers, but me being white, mat salleh, gwailo I had to say something, I can see the people being disgusted with the smell of the cigar smoke, but as Malaysians do, they just tolerate it and say nothing.

I heard on the radio recently about how Malaysians shouldn’t whistle to waiters or make rude gestures, the ad was to make Malyasians learn respect fot the other person. In this case, this Mr Indot had no respect or consideration for anyone except himself, even when I tried to explain to his wife that my father just passed away from lung cancer, and my mother a survivor of cancer, he screamed at his wife, not allowing her to talk to me. This is a classic case of  male arrogance and inconsideration. Actually, its not a male trait, its just gross incosideration and arrogance of a bad ill mannered man.

Rosemary wee, the hotel manger was at his table, I approached her about Mr Indot, she said, dont worry, she will talk to him, but again, this shows how it really is in Malaysia, its lack of respect fot the normal person, and total kiss arse for the rich, she said nothing.

Rosemary is the representetive of an established chain of the Shangrila hotels,  who does not cater for the datuks or datins, and personally, the title doesnt mean anything to anyone, as most people can buy one for about RM30.000

Rosemary should have asked Mr Indot and Farah to estinguish their cigars purely because it is a non smoking area, whether a politition or the average Joe, everyone should be respected and everyone should respect.

I’m appualed that I even have to write this, but if I don’t, who will? a Malaysian won’t. Im sure people will disagree with what I’m writing purley because they are friends of friends, but, hey, this is Malaysia right, Malaysia boleh?

Malaysia is a beautiful country, you have the scenery the sea and the culture, but until you start respecting others, you have nothing, you are just another corrupt third world country.

Malaysia boleh.. don’t just talk it, show me!!

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