Old rants new site

Posted on December 21, 2014

Ive been bashing my head against every wall in my house trying to figure out how to transfer my old blog site to my new website, and according to various articles I have read and people I have mailed, it’s not that difficult… right?  if you are a rocket scientist or a computer geek who wakes up and sees binary, then maybe. Also, I when it comes to coding and moving files around in my FTP I normally end up moving/deleting the wrong thing and sometimes a miracle happens and I manage to screw up the coding of a web design which can only mean one thing… start all over again.

So I did.

I like this design, its called Milo, cute name too.

So, to save me from fucking up the whole site now I have got it looking how I want it, I have decided to cut and paste my original site and then delete blog.paulgadd.com. So this page is gonna be cut and paste hell, at least until I figure out what else to put on here.

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