One year on

Posted on December 20, 2014

Its been a year since I started the Korean Five minutes  and tomorrow I will start a fourth journey across South Korea.  Just over a year ago, myself and Kyoung Hee covered the north of SK during the winter, the next two trips were during spring and summer covering the east and  the south east, this trip we plan to drive down the west coast towards Jeju.

So far I have shot and interviewed around 130 people, this trip I’m hoping to get at least another 40, but will see. Got my film, 120 slide, polaroid and 35mm neg, cameras and light metre and of course batteries, nothing worse than being the arse end of nowhere and your batteries are dead.

If your interested to follow my trip on twitter, feel free @paulgadd  and I will try my best to keep writing my blurb on here during the evening.



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